Examples of use of visitor counting system

1. You had a sales promotion on the internet
– now you can track the reaction of clients.
Compare attendance and the number of
purchases before and aſter the promotion.
Evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising
campaign. Compare the results of other
types of promotions (radio, television,
banners, newspapers, magazines, internet)
and choose the most efficient types of
advertising with the highest feedback
from customers.

2. You trained your personnel on how to
improve the quality of service – now check
what has changed in the visitors/money
ratio and evaluate the effectiveness of
training and employees’ work.

3. You collected statistics on daily and hourly
attendance – now make optimal work
schedules for staff in accordance with
attendance. Determine the number of staff
required at certain hours, days, or weeks.

4. You introduced a rule to offer coffee and
croissant, to wear a tie and a shirt or just to
ask the customers to come again tomorrow
– now control the growth of your attendance
and profit from a single client. Evaluate the
efficiency of the staff.

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